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AYM supply storage service in ventilated and de-humidified warehouses, located in Marmaris / Turkiye. This is a good opportunity to winterise boat equipment in a dry & safe place, but also to empty the boat in the sailing season by sending the un-necessary equipment to storage.

Tenders / Jet-ski / Outboard etc.
Cushions / matresses / beds

Price based on size of vessel . Mechanical winterising and maintenance is charged as extra

Mostly prefered by big boats to winterise the cockpit / flybridge / sunbathing cushions and also by the boats in re-fit to keep valuable matresses in a safe place away from construction .Price based on cubic meter .

AYM has 2 size of plastic boxes which the crew can fill with crocery , sheets , books , documents etc . Price based on size / amount of boxes .

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